Guide to a Shared Kitchen Rental

The differences between a shared kitchen and a commercial kitchen are subtle, and this guide to a shared kitchen rental in Phoenix will help you determine if your business is ready to move on to the next step. Not everyone has the temperament to share a kitchen with strangers, but if you think you can handle it, renting one will be a boon to your food industry business!

Kitchen Rental in Phoenix Designed for Group Use

Chefs can be a temperamental group, preferring to work their magic alone or only with the ones they trust with all their culinary secrets, and a shared kitchen will generally be a space where many different cooks need to coexist peacefully. The nighttime hours may not be quite as busy, so if you are a hermit that prefers their own company and a night owl to boot, the 24/7 access to our BLT Kitchens shared kitchens could be the solution that will grant you solitude. On the other hand, being around other chefs and cooks may help you see how you can tweak a few things in your business, and you can truly benefit from working in the company of others!

Built to Guide You

There are a lot of rules, regulations, and code requirements in the food industry, and it can be quite difficult to follow them all, but we at BLT Kitchens try to make it easier! We offer support when you are afraid you are failing, and an entire web page dedicated to resources that will give you a head start on the quagmire that accompanies food industry businesses. We also offer support and advice when it comes to many of the little details you may not have thought about, including where to find wraps for your food truck, how to market your business, and information on insurance and financing, all factors that can make the difference between a successful business and a failing one!

The Most Exciting Time for Your Food Industry Business

The future is bright for the food industry, and some of the credit can be attributed to the pandemic we just lived through. We had to learn new ways to ensure our businesses survived and although shared kitchens were around long before the pandemic, it gave us a new outlook in the food industry and today, shared kitchens are the driving force of the economy. Give us a call today and let’s move your food industry business to the next level of success!


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