Guide to Shared Kitchen Equipment

Guide to Shared Kitchen Equipment

A writer needs his laptop and a place to create. An artist needs his paints, his canvases, and his tools, plus a studio in which to perform his magic. And a chef needs quality food ingredients, the space in which to prepare his masterpieces, and top equipment in which to finalize his creations. Every job we do requires its own specific tools, and when you work in the food industry business, the equipment we provide at BLT Kitchens will become an integral part of your business’s success. This guide to our shared kitchen equipment will give you a clearer picture of what you can expect from our BLT Kitchens spaces when looking for a restaurant equipment rental near me!

Bake, Broil, Fry, and Stir

No, this isn’t a line from a Shakespeare novel, this is just a brief synopsis of the equipment you will find in our shared kitchens. Offering six-burner ranges that will allow you to cook more at the same time, rotisserie ovens that will keep whatever you are baking juicy and flavorful, and broilers for food that needs to be broiled and a flat top grill for griddled goods that will be the star of your menu, every item you need to prepare a beautiful dish is included with your monthly fee!

Chop, Ladle, and More Stirring

Pots, pans, cooking utensils, and over 100 smallwares are also offered for your business convenience. We don’t provide knives, but that is because most chefs have their own knives that they tend to carry with them everywhere they go.

Slice and Blend

Meat slicers come in handy in the food prep world, being used not just to slice lunchmeats, but for slicing meats of all types of food items, including meat for jerky! If you are up for a road trip, there is a butcher shop in Tucson that offers game meat. A stand up mixer is also provided and bakers will love the convenience it offers.

Clean-Up Is a Breeze

Because we provide towels and aprons for clean-up and for staying clean, it helps to keep your area orderly and neat while working your magic. A professional dishwasher is also provided in the list of equipment BLT Kitchens provides, ensuring that clean up at the end of the day will be easily accomplished!

Still More to Explore With A Restaurant Equipment Rental Near Ne

The list of everything we do provide to help your business soar is a long one, and the best way to see it all is by requesting a tour. Give us a call today!

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