Our Shared Kitchen Tasting Room

Our Shared Kitchen Tasting Room

All food industry businesses can benefit from a shared kitchen, but caterers and bakers will enjoy an amenity that will help them succeed. All our BLT Kitchens packages come with access to tasting rooms. Clients need to taste the foods you make and brides need to have a choice of cakes and a place to sample, and our tasting rooms provide a professional space in which to do so. And after years of working from home, we are sure that you and your family will be delighted as there will be no need to scrub your home down and kick out your family in preparation for the tasting. Simply prepare your samples in the nearby kitchens and invite your clients to stop by and fall in love with the incredible flavors you offer!

Not All Shared Kitchens Offer Tasting Rooms

If you have been hunting for the perfect space to help move your business to the next level, you may have noticed that not all shared kitchens offer tasting rooms. BLT Kitchens, however, understands the importance of this all important room and because we WANT our clients to succeed, we offer access to our tasting rooms with every package, even our basic, introductory  package that costs less and gives new business a little breathing room when it comes to expenses. We have watched how wineries grow big and successful, just by offering a tasting room and we wanted to offer that to our clients, giving them the opportunity to grow bigger than they ever dreamed possible.

Catering That Big Event

Word of mouth and advertising can get you far, but in the food industry, taste and flavor will get you further. Some of your clients will have already sampled your wares, perhaps at events they have attended, but when you want to really wow them, offering a professional space in which they can sample some of your best dishes will make a great impression. Our tasting rooms will show your meals and baked goods in their best light and every bite will deepen their first impression that you are the only person they want to work with. Even difficult brides will be impressed with your professionalism and as you wow each new potential client, you will find your calendar filling up and your bank account growing.

Any Questions?

Give us a call today and request a tour of our BLT Kitchens shared kitchens and see for yourself how our tasting rooms can help your business grow!

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