Depending on the needs of the tenant, commissaries may have different services available.  BLT Kitchens can accommodate following services: 

Mobile Food Establishments (main page)

Mobile Food Establishment Type I

Common Business Types: Ice creams trucks/carts, cold trucks, booths at farmers’ markets that are selling food items in accordance with limitations of permit type.

Mobile Food Establishment Type II

Common Business Types: Hot Dog Carts, Coffee Carts, Shaved Ice Carts, Kettle Corn Carts, etc.

Mobile Food Establishment Type III

“Mobile Food Unit” means a food establishment that is licensed by this state, that is readily movable and that dispenses food or beverages for immediate service and consumption and other incidental retail items from any vehicle as defined in Section

Annual Event Food Est Guidelines

Special Events Inspection Checklist

Special Event Requirements for Vendors

Certified Food Protection Manager & Food Handler’s Certificate

Commissary Agreement Form

Commissary Visits Log Form

Minimum Requirements

Responsibilities to Qualify for a Permit


Maricopa County regulates all food sales and give away with the exemption of pre-packaged food items from an approved source that is shelf stable.

The following permits may apply to you:

Eating and Drinking – On site food service, internet order and pick up.

Food Catering – Sale of foods at pre-planned events with set number of arranged meals, no financial transactions on site. Need mobile hand sink and vehicle.

Food Processor – Creating food and packaging the food for offsite retail sales (like at a grocery store or other retail store), (watch for ADA Involvement when wholesaling if product has meat content) or for retail sales by operator through peddler permit or one of the other mobile food permits.

Application fee for a permit is $315.00 (fees may vary)

Application can be filled out in line at: Permit Application

During the entry of the application, you will be asked to upload your menu so have it ready and name it with your business name.

Once the application is entered, we will process in two to three days and send you an invoice for the permit fee.

You can ask for expedited inspection for an additional fee.

Once paid the inspector in your area will contact you to schedule an inspection at the location you will be operating out of.

You will be asked how you make the food, what steps you take etc.

Note that certain special processes at the retail level require a variance. A variance is a special allowance agreement that can be granted of you want to deviate from the standard FDA code requirements, such as, the curing of meats at room temperature, making salsa or BBQ sauce and bottling/ jarring for sale at room temperature in a retail setting, wanting to extend the shelf life of a refrigerated product like salsa for more than 7 days.

In general, it will mean that you will need to apply for the variance at the link below and pay a $200.00 review fee. (Fees may vary)

Most often you will need to prove to us that the water activity is below .88%, or that the pH of your product is below 4.6 by showing us third party lab reports for your products.

The application can be filled in at: Variance Application

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