farmers market in shared kitchens

There are at over 20 farmers markets in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, and if your small food-centric business is not represented at least a few of these markets, do you really have a business? The farmers market offers an easy and casual way to get your product out before the masses, and our BLT Kitchens shared kitchens can help you work on your product in sanitary and safe surroundings. Prepare as many loaves of your grandmother’s banana bread as necessary in spacious rooms filled with the best industrial appliances and discover how quickly you can go from anonymity to success with a little extra effort and a lot of extra space! We have the space to help make your farmers market kitchen with ease!

So Many Ideas

Every business starts with an idea. Many potential entrepreneurs get no further, burying their dreams under layers of insecurities and fears, but you, persistent customer, can move beyond those fears starting with the rental of our shared kitchens. Located in a variety of places around the valley, our farmers market kitchens offer industrial appliances that will make short work of the prep portion of your product, and include convection ovens, broilers, flat grills, and stove tops with six separate burners. We also supply dishwashers, stand mixers, and all the accessories that go along with the perfect cooking experience, including pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Stainless steel prep tables give you the space you need to spread out your ingredients and create the ideal Farmers Market product and aprons and towels keep you clean and tidy while working. We also offer office space in which you can take care of the business end of your dreams, tasting rooms in which potential clients can sample your wares, and rooms to retreat to for a break and a snack of your own after a long day of work. 

Late nights and early mornings

The weather in the Phoenix area encourages early rising for farmers markets, and because we offer 24/7 access, no matter what time you rise and shine our kitchens will be open for your convenience! 24/7 video surveillance keeps you safe as you create new products for your market tables and locations close to your own home ensure that you can still maintain that work/home balance that is so very important, especially when raising children! 

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Farmers markets are an easy way to get your product out before people who are ready to try and buy! If you’d like to book a tour, please click here! Contact us to learn more or click here to check out our East Mesa shared kitchen!

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