How to Choose Your Ghost Kitchen

Now that you have made the monumental decision to bring your business out of your kitchen and into a professional ghost kitchen, you are halfway to making the best decision of all. Of course, after the pandemic, ghost kitchens have become all the rage, and choosing the one that is right for you could be a little difficult. We at BLT Kitchens want to make the decision easy, and this guide to what you should expect from the Phoenix ghost kitchen you choose and what we offer in our own ghost kitchens will help you narrow down your options to the one that suits you best!

All the Reasons a Ghost Kitchen Is the Right Answer

As you begin to outgrow the kitchen at home that has served you well, you may be wondering why a ghost kitchen is something you should consider, and the answers are quite simple. Ghost kitchens provide the space and equipment you need to expand your own food industry company; the freezers and refrigerators are bigger, the appliances are larger, and much of the equipment is provided, depending on the package you choose. The initial startup cost is far less than what you will expect to pay out if you open your own brick-and-mortar restaurant, helping create the maximum return on your investment. Additionally, ghost kitchens offer the opportunity to learn from others. You aren’t the only chef in these kitchens, and the experiences your ghost kitchen mates have encountered over the years can be shared amongst you, providing valuable help for your future!

What to Expect from BLT Kitchens

We know we aren’t the only commercial kitchen out there, which is why we work harder to help your business succeed. Offering not just space and commercial equipment, we provide valuable resources that make following the rules, regulations, and codes of the food service industry a little easier. Our Phoenix ghost kitchen is open 24/7, allowing hardworking chefs to create their magic on their own schedule, and we provide security cams to ensure you will stay safe no matter what time of day or night you are working. Located near many of the major freeways, you can get to the kitchen quickly, and because you spend less time commuting, you can spend more time making your business a success and enjoy more time with your family!

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