Meal Prep in Shared Kitchens

The meal prep business is one of the fastest growing food service businesses around, as overworked potential customers are discovering that an extensive diet of fast food is bad for their health and are looking for other quick and easy ways to eat healthy food that tastes good too! And because this is not a business that requires seats, tables, servers, and all the overhead that goes along with owning a business, our BLT Kitchens offer the ideal way to help you become a success in your food prep business. Keep us in mind if you need a food truck commissary in Phoenix.

low Overhead and large spaces

The only way to spend less on your meal prep business is to keep running it from your own home, but then you will never have the space you need to grow. With a shared kitchen, you can spread out your supplies on stainless steel tables, fill each container with the delicious meals you have prepared, and then store them in refrigerators until you are ready to deliver them. Your athome kitchen will stay clean, the appliances will stay new longer, and your pets can safely meander through because you don’t have to worry about animal hair falling into the foods you have prepared.  

industrial appiances

Like most of us, the oven in your kitchen at home barely has the space for a complete turkey dinner, which means if you were to continue working from there, it will take more hours to prepare. Our food truck commissary in Phoenix feature industrial appliances that are built to handle heavy loads, allowing chefs to prepare many more meals in far less time. And because all the appliances are well maintained, you will never have to worry about the stove not working right before you have to fill an order of 59 meal prep dishes! 

24/7 access to the kitchen

We have all been there, in those dark and frightening early days of starting a new business. We dreaded the mail run that would be filled with bills, we obsessed over every piece of chicken that dropped to the floor, and we worked other jobs to help keep our dreams alive. Our customers that avail themselves of our shared kitchens are often in the same boat, and when we first decided to open BLT Kitchens, we knew that 24/7 was going to be one of the more important “amenities.” Allowing chefs to create on their own schedule and also offering 24/7 video surveillance, you can work whenever the mood strikes and still maintain a day job to pay all the bills. 

all the reasons

Your meal prep service is going places and we at BLT Kitchens have all the reasons this will be so. Contact us today and let’s work together to make those dreams come true. If you’d like to see our food truck commissary in Phoenix, click here to book a tour! Contact us to learn more.

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