Top 5 Cleaning Products for a Shared Kitchen

Top 5 Cleaning Products for a Shared Kitchen

Anyone who has worked in the food industry for more than a minute understands the importance of keeping a clean kitchen space, and this is even more important when it comes to commissary kitchens. In addition to keeping the space clean for those who might be using the space after you, BLT Kitchens also understands that allergies and sensitivities can also be something worth considering, and this guide to the top five cleaning products for our commissary kitchens touches on the possibility of allergies as well!

Sanitizing Buckets

Sometimes the best tools for the job are the simplest, and a sanitizing bucket is one of those tools. Coming in a variety of sizes, the buckets come in handy and are inexpensive enough that you can afford to purchase several buckets to be labeled for specific use. The gallon-sized ones are perfect for use with steramine tablets, (discussed further below) ensuring there is no confusion in determining how much a gallon of water really is.

Dawn Professional Dishwashing Liquid

It’s always nice to use a product with which you are familiar, and Dawn has been getting dishes clean and saving water animals from oil spills since the 70s. The professional version is a little stronger and cleans a little better on the big jobs and also ensures that the dishes you serve your catering meals on will be clean and safe! People with cleanser sensitivities may still have an issue with Dawn, but as it got its start as a beauty bar, it really is good for your skin.

Steramine Tablets

If nothing else, the last couple of years have taught us all about the importance of sanitization, and steramine tablets offer an ideal way for chefs to do just that! Food safe, non-corrosive, and easy on the skin, (washing our hands so often has made many chef hands look a little worse for wear!) one tablet can make a gallon of sanitizer that can be used with a sponge, a cloth, or a spray bottle. Safer than bleach, allergic reactions to kitchen cleaning products are rare and the benefits of cleaning with the tablets are numerous.

Stanley Home and Commercial Use Degreaser Concentrate

At home, when the stove hood gets greasy, chances are you make your own vinegar and water concoction to clean it, which works, but we have found that Stanley Home and Commercial Use Degreaser Concentrate works much more efficiently. Requiring less “elbow grease” than your homemade cleaner, it is safe to use at home as well, so be sure to keep plenty on hand!

Nu Foamicide

Again, sanitization is important in these times, and Nu Foamicide has been designed to meet the challenges involved with keeping clean in the food industry. Working especially well on a variety of surfaces, including tables and clear plastic, you can be assured that whatever you clean with this product will be safe for all who come in contact with it.

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