Top 5 Produce for Healthy Meals

Top 5 Produce for Healthy Meals

Today, more than ever before, Arizona diners are becoming more interested in eating healthy, and if you can garner a corner of the healthy meal market, your food industry business is guaranteed to be a success. Because eating healthy isn’t always the fun choice, you may be a bit unsure as to where to start when adding healthy meals to your menu. This guide to the top five produce items for healthy meals made with kitchen equipment rental will give you the boost you need!

Popeye Knew What He Was Doing

Spinach isn’t just healthy, it is one of the top nutrient dense veggies on the produce list, and it can be the most popular produce item on your menu. Served cold and raw in salads or cooked and hot in prepared dishes, the price of spinach is affordable enough that you can add a variety of spinach-based dishes to your menu. Looking for more great ideas? Check out these genius cooking tips!

Sweet Potatoes for the Sweet

We have been eating sweet potatoes in pies and marshmallow laden holiday dishes for years, but it is only lately that their health benefits have been explored. High in fiber, protein, and potassium as well as in Vitamins B6 and C, they also can help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol and the beta carotene has been proven to help decrease the risk of certain cancers. And they taste amazing, so go ahead and add sweet potatoes to your grocery list!

You’re Telling Us That’s NOT Rice?

As you might expect, cauliflower is the next healthy veggie on our list, and is one that is a tasty substitute for many foods that aren’t good for you! Cauliflower rice may be the first thing that comes to mind, and for a very good reason; it is almost impossible to tell the difference between cauliflower rice and white rice, so diners feel good in eating more than their share! Also used to make pizza crust, tater tots, and even buffalo bites, it can be fun to explore all the different ways to use cauliflower on your menu!

Like Peas in a Pod

This next vegetable may surprise you as we have been told for years that peas are too starchy to be considered healthy, but new studies are showing their nutritional values as well! Offering fiber, protein, and vitamins A, C, & K, they are also high in saponins which have been determined to have cancer fighting properties, so pile on the peas, enjoy their flavor, and watch your customers dig in!

Move to the Beet

The more colorful a plate is, the more healthy it is and as you peruse this list you may have noticed a variety of color! Beets are at the bottom of our list today but should be on the top of your shopping list every day! Coming in a variety of colors, the glorious beet provides fiber, folate, and manganese and is rich in nitrates, but more importantly tastes so good people forget they are eating something healthy.

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