Top 5 Vegan Friendly Foods

Top 5 Vegan Friendly Foods

Knowing the food trends that are sweeping the nation and incorporating them into your menu is a great way to continue the success you have found since you moved the kitchen base to our BLT Kitchens full service shared kitchen rental. You learn to spot trends, and even if you don’t change your entire menu, being able to offer something for everyone is always important, and today we would like to discuss the top five vegan friendly foods that could be a wonderful addition to your menu. People are caring about what they eat more than ever before, and if they see that you care, they will come back to you again and again for their dining needs.


You had to know that tofu was going to end up on this list, so we just decided to get it out of the way first! Tofu is probably one of the most versatile foods, being used as a meat substitute in more dishes than we can cover in the short time we have and has a variety of nutritional benefits. Offering protein, which is important in a diet that excludes meat, tofu also is chock full of antioxidants and is being studied as a heart health food. Don’t forget to increasing the shelf life of your food products with these 5 tricks!


Most of the foods we discuss today will have a high protein value, and peanuts, or any nuts for that matter, probably contain the highest amounts of all. Add peanuts, almonds, or other nuts to a charcuterie box or take it the basic peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the next level; we have actually witnessed a restaurant dedicated to this comfort food, and yes, it was as fantastic as you could imagine!


Oatmeal has come a long way from the mushy gray porridge of our youth, especially with the advent of steel cut oats we find in the stores. Taking longer to prepare and the need to be careful in your choice of oats, (most ready made or instant packages contain animal products of some sort in them, so please avoid for your vegan menu) the benefits far outweigh the little extra effort involved. High in protein, good for the heart, and being examined for the benefits of being added to a diabetic diet, steel cut oats are a winner in our books.


Destined to be the most popular item on your menu, guacamole is a vegan friendly food that knows no boundaries as carnivores and herbivores alike can come to the same table to enjoy! Deriving most of its health benefits from the avocado, guacamole is heart healthy and has been included in diets designed to help curtail strokes.


Adding in some meatless recipes to your catering menu is always easy and unsurprisingly tasty with pasta dishes. The classic eggplant parmesan is like guacamole, loved by everyone, but pretty much every pasta meal can be turned vegan simply by eliminating the meat. High in protein because of the cheese, there are also a variety of produce based noodles that can be enjoyed by all.

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The food industry is ever changing, but you can stay ahead of the trends simply by moving your business from your home kitchen to ours. Contact us today to learn more about our full service shared kitchen rental offerings!

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