Which Is the Best Cookware – Ceramic, Glass, or Metal

Which Is the Best Cookware – Ceramic, Glass, or Metal

The food business changes on a daily basis. From the foods that are good or bad for you to the type of cookware that is best for the foods you are preparing, every day brings about a new rule of thumb. You’re probably wondering, “Which Is the Best Cookware – Ceramic, Glass, or Metal?” We at BLT Kitchens understand the importance of staying aware, and because offering shared kitchens to help you build your business is just a part of the benefits we offer, we thought that today we would discuss one of the most important tools of the food industry: the best cookware in which you will be creating your food-related masterpieces! 


Ceramic cookware is definitely a beautiful choice, but is it a great one for your cooking or baking needs? On the surface, it appears so, with its non-stick surfaces helping foods slide easily out of the dish, but if you are looking for longevity, this is not the type of kitchen cookware you want to be using. That surface eventually fails and foods can stick, making an unattractive mess of the casserole you have worked so hard to create. Also, its heat distribution properties are uneven, perhaps leading to a cake that is raw in the center and burnt on the edges, hardly a professional look. 


Another beautiful choice for your cooking experiences is glass cookware. Often used for pasta, breads, and pot pies, there is a simple elegance that is provided in the clear beauty of glass, making it great for catered events. It is dishwasher safe, unlike ceramic, and can be used to reheat the meals you create. The cons of glassware, however, are apparent in their longevity, their durability, and in its heat conductivity. Like ceramic, its heat distribution properties are uneven, leading to ill-prepared dishes that will not sell well. 


As you prepare your meals for that catered event, bake the five layers of your wedding cake, or even just boil water for your pasta dish you are preparing for your own family’s special event in our shared kitchens, you may notice that the chefs around you are using metal cookware—stainless steel, to be exact. Offering the heat conductivity properties you seek, a sturdy longevity that ensures your initial investment will be put to good use, and lacking the health issues that are derived from non-stick cookware, stainless steel is every chef’s best friend!

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Your Business, Your Choice

In the food business, we all have our favorite knives, dishes, and yes best cookware, so if ceramic is your favorite or you just love the look of glass, we say go for it! You have already made the best decision for your food industry business by choosing BLT Kitchens, so you know you are destined for success, no matter which kitchen cookware you choose. If you are still in the planning stages, however, give us a call today, and let’s work together to make your business shine bright!  

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