Who is BLT Kitchens?

BLT Kitchens is the best commissary kitchen in Phoenix.  Are you a food entrepreneur looking for the right space to cook up your brand? Are you a restaurant owner looking for a solution to your pizza business? You might be wondering: what is a commissary kitchen and how could it benefit me? A commissary kitchen is a shared, commercial kitchen with spaces and anyone who uses a commissary kitchen likely has one thing in common: a passion for food. That passion can take many forms. These are some, but not all of the kinds of people and food service operators who might rent a commercial kitchen space:

  • baker
  • food truck vendors
  • local restaurants
  • food entrepreneurs
  • caterers

BLT Kitchens is a shared commissary kitchen in Phoenix. Shared commissary kitchens are more economical for each tenant. You will pick from specific time slots available. If you are a food entrepreneur adjusting your vegan energy bar recipe, you might share the kitchen with food truck vendors, restaurants, or other individual entrepreneurs. For the popular virtual restaurant, it may be essential to have a commissary kitchen during normal business hours, but for the individual food entrepreneur, it might not be a problem to use the kitchen at varying or quiet hours. The question of going solo versus sharing a commissary is all about your palate.

For the three main kinds of food service operators, including restaurant chains, local restaurants, and food entrepreneurs, there are a variety of benefits to renting a commissary. When you boil it down, however, they all have expansion and informed experimentation at the center of their efforts.

Since you are not the owner of the shared kitchen space, BLT Kitchens is, you are not the one who is responsible for creating and maintaining a commercial kitchen that meets health and safety regulations.  This gives you much more time to focus on your business and perfect your recipes.


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