Why a Shared Kitchen?

Starting a food business is hard work. It requires space, equipment, storage, marketing, billing – and then there’s the actual food prep! Many food entrepreneurs don’t have adequate space or tools when they first begin and acquiring them can be cost-prohibitive. Instead of leasing a private commercial kitchen or working from an inadequate home kitchen (which may be against regulation) – use a shared kitchen instead. Fortunately, BLT Kitchens offers a variety of commissary kitchen services, including the best Phoenix Ghost kitchens Arizona has to offer. Continue reading why you should use a shared kitchen today!

What Is a Phoenix Ghost Kitchen?

A shared kitchen (sometimes called a commissary kitchen or ghost kitchen) is a space for food entrepreneurs to prepare their craft. Chefs, caterers, bakers, food truck owners, and farmer’s market vendors benefit from a shared kitchen because it offers the space and equipment needed to produce large-scale and professional food goods. Members of a shared kitchen pay a fee, which is highly cost-effective, especially if a food business is just starting out.

Commercial Grade Equipment

When you use one of our Phoenix Ghost kitchens, you’ll have access to equipment you can find only in professional kitchens. With walk-in freezers and refrigerators, spacious cooking lines, appliances suitable for all projects, and commercial-grade dishwashing, you will have every tool you need to make your food business a success. Plus, you’re not responsible for routine maintenance or repairs if something breaks down – win, win!

Save on Cost and Extra Hassle

Your fee grants you use of the shared kitchen. You have access to everything the kitchen offers – and you don’t have to worry about the extras. Instead of making sure the utility bills are paid, the building is up to code, and overseeing contractors, you can focus on what you look to do and leave everything else up to the kitchen owner.

Network and Share Ideas Amongst Peers

Because the kitchen is a shared space, you’re likely to run into and work alongside other food entrepreneurs. This can be fantastic for networking, swapping ideas, and learning tricks of the trade. Whether you’re a brand-new beginning or a seasoned pro, meeting peers in the business adds value and insight to your business growth.

Get Your Business Off the Ground

It can be costly to start up a business – especially a food business. Food entrepreneurs are not likely to gain capital to launch their business in the early stages, yet they need space and equipment to get their business started. A shared kitchen can act as an incubator for your new business and provide the necessary strategies to help bring your business to scale.

Feel Confident in Compliance

With FDA and state regulations, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your food preparation space is compliant. You won’t have to worry about obtaining and maintaining licenses or passing inspections. Instead, you can focus on what you’re there to do — make delicious food!

Build the Food Business of Your Dreams

The way we order and consume food is rapidly changing. With online ordering and delivery apps booming, you may be wondering how to capitalize on these new ventures. Or, you may need to find ways to adapt to these new ways of doing business. By using a shared kitchen, you can create a food service business without a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Space to Tinker and Experiment

It can take several tries before you perfect your brand-new cupcake recipe. Or maybe you are wanting to try a new skill and need a place to experiment. While you could do these at home, a shared kitchen lets you tinker, test, and try out new things without getting in the way of anyone else.

Keep Business and Personal Cooking Separate

Even if your food business is part-time, it’s a good idea to have a clear delineation from your personal, everyday food prep and the prep you’re doing for your business. A shared kitchen gives you that dedicated space, so you don’t risk mixing and mingling your business and personal lives.

Why Choose BLT Kitchen

BLT Kitchens offers over 14,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facilities in two Valley locations – North Phoenix and Mesa. We provide you the space and equipment you need to launch your food business – whether you own and operate a food truck, a catering business, a bakery, or a booth at a farmer’s market. We have competitive rates with packages for a variety of business needs. Our building is secure, and we offer 24/7 kitchen access. Book a tour of our kitchen and contact us today!


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