The Difference Between Commercial and Regular Kitchens

The Difference Between Commercial and Regular Kitchens

In the early days of your food industry business, you may have loved every minute spent in your at-home kitchen. You worked while the kids were in school or after they had gone to bed, building your business one step at a time, sacrificing sleep, time, and extracurricular activities, knowing that one day you would awaken and discover that you had become an “overnight” success. But as your business grew, you probably began to realize many of the things we at BLT Kitchens are discussing today—the difference between commercial and regular kitchens!


Of course, the size differences are immediately what is most apparent as you bump your backside on the dishwasher while pulling a tray of cookies out of the oven in your own kitchen, something that will never happen in a commercial kitchen. But it’s more than the square footage size that matters. It’s the size of the equipment, allowing you to create more in larger ovens, clean quicker with commercial-sized dishwashers, and spread out your ingredients over a much larger area.

Quality and Durability of Appliances

Speaking of appliances, the difference between your personal stove and the range offered in a commercial kitchen space will be a large one. Even as you purchased the top of the line pieces from your home store, they still can’t compare to ones found in our BLT Kitchens commercial spaces. Built to take the workload, these professional appliances will make your job easier, propelling you on the way to super stardom in the food world!


At home, you may find that you lack the support provided in commercial kitchens. Your spouse and children do not understand the need for getting the hors d’oeuvres perfect, but the chefs that will sharing the commercial kitchen space will, and will probably offer up some helpful tips on how to improve your already wonderful merchandize!

A Professional Meeting Place

You’ve been inviting your guests to your own home for years, parsing out your kiddos to the neighbors, scrubbing from top to bottom, and hoping that your guest won’t notice the crayon drawings on the bathroom wall that you can’t scrub away, no matter how hard you try. But in our commercial kitchen, in most commercial kitchens, a professionally designed tasting room offering space to spread out your goodies and a style that will impress makes it easier to impress potential clients!

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