Top 5 Things to Know Before Renting a Commercial Kitchen

Top 5 Things to Know Before Renting a Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen is something that has come relatively recently to the food industry market, and you may be curious about what a commercial kitchen involves and what can it do for your home business or the food truck for which you have finally splurged. BLT Kitchens exists to help other businesses thrive, and as such we have created this guide to the top five things you should know before you find a commercial kitchen to rent.

Does It Make Financial Sense at This Stage of Your Business?

Every business goes through stages, and depending on which stage your business is in, it may or may not make sense to rent a commercial kitchen. In the beginning, your orders may not match up to the costs of the kitchen, ensuring that your home space will work for a little longer. (Don’t worry, we will be here when you are ready!) Then there will come a day when your refrigerator is always full of other people’s meals, your kitchen will seem to have shrunk overnight, and you will know that you aren’t quite ready for a brick-and-mortar location of your own, but you still need more space! THIS is the perfect moment to check out what our BLT Kitchens can do for you!

Will the Hours Work for You?

Most new business owners are still working their day jobs and fitting in orders during the off hours, so if the commercial kitchen rental you are looking at is only open from 9 until 5, will it really suit your purpose? BLT Kitchens offer 24/7 access and provide security cameras to keep you safe, allowing you to work your magic on your time schedule and still maintain the day job that is still paying most of your bills.

Does the Equipment Suit Your Needs?

Every food industry business is different, and commercial kitchens don’t always provide the necessities for the masses. Before signing on the dotted line, ask to take a tour and request a list of everything that is included in the fee structure. We provide 100% transparency and a variety of rental packages, so you will know from the beginning is what we offer meets the needs of your fledgling business!

Not sure what kind of equipment to expect? Click here to see our guide to commercial kitchen equipment!

Can You Follow the Rules?

The reality of the food industry is that there are a lot of rules, and if you can’t follow the important ones about food storage, cleanliness, and even maximum capacity, it is quite possible you may want to consider another business entirely. Fortunately, with the transparency of BLT Kitchens, you will know from the get-go whether your rule following tendencies will keep up with all the rules!

Why Did You Wait So Long?

As you have spent the last couple of years eating out because there is no room to cook for your own family, having to turn down jobs because your kitchen is just not capable of doing the work, and watching your family life suffer because your business gets in the way, it is definitely time to check out what BLT Kitchens has to offer! Request a tour today and start moving your business in the right direction!

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