Top 5 Spices You Need to Have in a Shared Kitchen Rental

Top 5 Spices You Need to Have in a Shared Kitchen Rental

Chances are that, even as a professional chef, you don’t give a lot of thought to spice. You salt your food, you add the spices the recipe requires, and you shut the door to the cabinet after you use them, almost forgetting their existence until the next time their name comes up in a recipe. But just as variety spices up life, this guide we at BLT Kitchens have prepared about the top 5 spices will show how they are necessary to the success of your business! Bland never sells, so consider adding these vital seasonings to your cabinets.

Black Pepper

Surprise! Salt does not top our list, and although is an important seasoning, the hint of heat pepper adds to your dishes is one that would be most missed if you forgot it! Not everyone can handle the heat of cayenne, but the blend of heat, pine, and even citrus that the ordinary peppercorn is infused with will be the flavor your customers are obsessed with!


Thyme adds drama to a dish, and its smooth peppery flavor can change the temperament of a once boring meal. Bringing excitement to every savory dish, it can be used in meat, veggies, pastas, soups, and stews and is a wonderful addition to your homemade lasagna!


Cinnamon is a spice that constantly surprises and is one that can be used in meals that are both sweet and savory, so be sure to have a large supply on hand. The health benefits of cinnamon are being studied, and as the spice is high in antioxidants, the studies are showing that cinnamon can bring down sugar levels, may have anti-inflammatory properties, and could even protect against heart disease. The results aren’t all in on its health benefits but everyone agrees that this wonderful spice adds beauty and complexity to every dish!


Paprika is made from dried red peppers that are ground into a fine and tasty powder. It doesn’t offer a lot of heat (such as you might find in cayenne) but it does provide a kaleidoscope of flavor and can often be the star ingredient of the dish you are preparing. Chicken paprikash is the most known example, but many dishes offer more than a pinch of paprika for flavor.


We live in the southwest where heat and spice go hand in hand and if cumin isn’t holding a starring position in your pantry, we will hazard the guess that you are either a baker or have just moved to the desert from the Midwest! Cumin, contrary to popular belief, is not dried cilantro and actually comes from the parsley family, but it adds excitement and flash to every dish.

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