Top 5 Tips to Make Your Shared Kitchen More Efficient

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Shared Kitchen More Efficient

When you first signed up with BLT Kitchens, you probably didn’t know what to expect as you walked around the space, opening oven doors, walking into walk-in refrigerator units, and unpacking the stuff you wanted to leave here permanently. You had no idea of how you were going to use the space or how the space was going to use you, and you just dived in. It’s been a minute now, however, and as each day progresses, you have better ideas on how to organize and make the space more efficient. If not, these top five tips on making your shared kitchen more efficient will help you get started!

Eye Level

Think about the things on your storage shelves that you use the most often—your stirring spoons, spatulas, hand towels, and of course, your knives. Do you store them together, on a shelf that is at eye level? Or are they scattered about, forcing you to do a marathon, rushing from spot to spot? The latter may not seem like a big thing, but the extra steps do add up to more work and an inconvenient kitchen to work in.

A Kitchen Inventory System

Involving a little extra work in the beginning, a kitchen inventory system can prove to be quite essential in the shared space. Add labels to everything, keep lists of everything you buy, and at least once a week, go in and evaluate what has been used, using your list at the store later.


In our business, we deal with merchandise that expires quickly, and perhaps one of the most important tips in creating efficiency is using the FIFO, or First In, First Out method, ensuring that you avoid wasting your precious and expensive inventory. Literally meaning to use the stuff you purchased first, using organizers in your dry or refrigerated storage areas makes it easy to accomplish.

Prep Ahead

We’ve mentioned this next tip before, but we can’t stress its importance nearly enough. Prepping everything ahead of time, measuring out your ingredients, and chopping whatever needs to be chopped will make the actual creation easier and consume far less wasted time.

Choose BLT Kitchens for Your Shared Kitchen Space!

The floor plan of your shared kitchen space is absolutely vital to the success of your efficiently run business, and we at BLT Kitchens have put a lot of thought into the layout of the kitchens we offer. Simply by choosing us for your commercial kitchen needs, you have already made the first step towards success and efficiency. Set up an appointment for a tour with us today!

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