Top 5 Tricks for Better Storage in a Shared Kitchen

Top 5 Tricks for Better Storage in a Shared Kitchen

Just as it is in your real life, storage space is one of the top necessities in a kitchen, shared or otherwise. In the food industry there are so many tiny pieces that group together to create the masterpieces your clients crave, and if they aren’t organized well, you spend most of your time searching for that special spatula and less of your time creating. This guide to the top five tricks for better storage in our BLT Kitchens commissary kitchen for rent will help you create a space that is efficient and neat, enabling you to work on creating new recipes, not spend your time searching for the spices!

The Right Shelves

Shelving units are probably as important to your business success as the commercial grade appliances you use, and because we do what we can to make your lives easier, we provide a variety of different storage racks depending on the package you purchase. But in life and business you can always use more storage racks, and if you are purchasing extra, our favorite tip is to purchase those with epoxy coating, ensuring they will be long lasting and will not rust in the moist atmosphere of the kitchen.

Store Utensils on Hooks and Hang Close to the Prep and Cooking Space

Drawers of utensils can soon become a tangled and useless mess, leading to wasted time hunting for the one you need, so storing your utensils out in the open just makes sense. Each spatula, serving spoon, or even icing spatula can have its own spot, easily spotted when you are in a hurry. Because you are sharing a space you can’t keep your utensils there when you are not, but a portable wire rack can work, or you can just purchase hooks to hang from the storage racks we provide.

Create a Plan

The most efficient kitchens lead to the most successful food industry businesses, and when you step into the shared kitchen space for the first time, take a few moments to come up with a plan. You want your cleaning supplies separate from your cooking ingredients, you need stirring spoons closer to the stove top and icing spatulas next to the prep tables. Creating storage areas in each of these spaces eliminates wasted time.

Store Foodstuff Properly

Storing your food stuff properly is the most important part of the job, and many food industry businesses have been shut down for incorrect storage procedures. You don’t have to worry if the refrigeration units of your shared kitchen are at the right temperature because that falls under our list of worries, so you can cross that off your own list! You do have to keep cleaning supplies separate from foodstuffs and remember not to leave your meats out too long during the prep process. For a complete list of how proper storage can keep your business off the Dirty Dining list, our resources page can be your best friend.

Utilize the Experience of Others

Sometimes the best way to learn something new is by “interviewing” those who have gone before you and because you are using a shared kitchen, there are destined to be other experienced chefs willing to give their tips! You aren’t alone in the food industry world and the most successful business owners understand the importance of utilizing ALL their potential resources!

Have More Questions About Storage?

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