Top 5 Tricks to Better Organize Your Time in a Shared Kitchen

Top 5 Tricks to Better Organize Your Time in a Shared Kitchen

Today we would like to take a few minutes out of your day to discuss organization. We all know that organization is vital to success, but the distance between what we know and what we practice can be long, and BLT Kitchens has a few ideas on how to shorten that distance. Organization breeds efficiency and efficiency breeds success, so this guide to our favorite top five tricks to organizing your time in a shared use commercial kitchen is practically guaranteed to bring your food industry business to the next level of success!

Location, Location, Location

Although this first tip doesn’t really organize your time in the shared use commercial kitchen, it can shorten your commute time, ensuring you have more time to do what you do best! Our BLT Kitchens shared use commercial kitchens offer multiple locations throughout the valley, all within easy driving distance of the freeways, ensuring you can get to your space quickly and efficiently, giving you more time to prepare that seven-tier wedding cake!

Shared Use Commercial Kitchen Has A Place for Everything

Storage is included in your shared use commercial kitchen rates, but if you just throw everything in the racks willy nilly, how much of your time in the kitchen will be spent looking for the cardamom? Just as we place bowls on the entry tables of our home for our keys, having a place for everything will ensure that your time in our shared kitchens for rent will be spent creating your magic, not looking for the baking soda!

Labels Are Important

There are a lot of small pieces involved with cooking and baking, and if you try to keep all your spices in a covered container and your cooking accessories in other containers, a label will ensure that you can see what you need at first glance. As you are beginning your business, chances are you aren’t paying for the maximum kitchen space time and as such, every minute you spend in the kitchen counts!

Organization Starts at Home

Although there will be many items you leave behind on the storage racks provided, there are going to be some equipment pieces you bring from home, including the all-important knives that are of paramount importance in your chosen career. Keep everything you bring from your home to your kitchen in a designated spot, perhaps a labeled tub, in a designated space by the door. Need more storage tips? Click here!

Make a Plan

You know how long it takes to prepare your signature Lemony Mushroom Crostini with Shallot & Chive Boursin for 20, and if you make a plan before you head to the kitchen, you can use every minute efficiently. Life happens, but you can eliminate much of your stress with a well thought out plan, ensuring that your kitchen time is filled with the brilliance of your food creations!

The Best Decision

Choosing BLT Kitchens for your food industry business is destined to be the best decision! If you are still considering the pros and cons, give us a call today and let us show you all the things our kitchens offer to make your business thrive.

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