Top 5 Ways to Keep a Shared Kitchen Clean

Top 5 Ways to Keep a Shared Kitchen Clean

So now that we have captured your attention and you have signed up to partake in our shared kitchen rentals, there will probably be a few questions that are still lingering in your mind, especially as you never really know what to ask until you have spent a little time in the trenches, so to speak! The sanitary practices needed to keep the shared kitchen rentals running may be one of your questions, especially as you are in a space much larger than the cozy space you have used at home. This guide to the top five ways to keep a shared kitchen clean will hopefully clear up any questions on this topic you may have, but if not, feel free to ask us anything!

Clean as You Go

Sometimes it is the simplest solutions that make the biggest impact, and cleaning as you go is the perfect example! Put away the dry ingredients after you have mixed together your necessary ingredients, wipe down the stainless steel counters after each course, and if you drop something, pick it up and throw it away as soon as your hands are free. These spaces are shared with others, (hence the name) so keeping them clean is just a common courtesy.

Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

We have all been guilty of using that bottle of glass cleaner for wiping down our own cabinets and sinks, but to stay professional and sanitary, it is important that you use food grade cleaners for wiping down counters, cabinets, appliances, and even washing the pots, pans, dishes, and utensils used for meal prep. Online shops carry the products you need, as does your favorite restaurant supply store. Check out the top 5 cleaning products here!

Divide the Kitchen into Zones

Cross contamination can be the biggest offender when it comes to keeping the space sanitary, and although you can’t be responsible for how others use the spaces, designating separate areas for cutting raw meats versus cutting raw vegetables can be the easiest way to follow the food laws and codes.

Wash Your Hands Often

Recent history has proven the importance of washing our hands, but we in the food service industry have known this for much longer. The germs that can be transferred from the shrimp you were preparing before moving on to baking the cake can spell out doom for your business when foodborne illnesses strike, but this can be avoided by washing your hands frequently!


Oh wait, this last “rule” is something we at BLT Kitchens already do, so you don’t have to! Our professional cleaning crews come in six days a week, ensuring that everything is sanitary and ready to be used during your next session.

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