Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Satisfied in a Shared Kitchen

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Satisfied in a Shared Kitchen

Success in the business world, no matter what form your business takes, is directly related to the satisfaction and happiness of the people who do the lion’s share of the work. If your employees look forward to coming in to the shared kitchen for rent each day, chances are they will work even harder for you working with you to build a successful business. This guide to the top five ways to keep your employees satisfied in a BLT Kitchens shared kitchen for rent will help lead your food business on the path to success.

Flexible Hours

The benefits to signing up for a shared kitchen start with its flexibility. Our kitchens are open 24 hours, so allowing your employees to work the hours that blend best with their family life—during school hours or after the kids are in bed, for example—will make it easier to keep employees coming back day after day.

Listen to Your Employees

This goes hand in hand with asking for suggestions from the team, and if your partners (because that’s what employees should be considered) are noticing something that isn’t quite right, you have a responsibility to listen to what they are saying. They are closer to nitty gritty details and knowing that their boss cares about what they have to say will satisfy their need to be important. Teamwork is key!

Take a Break

Breaks aren’t just for the convenience of your employees; they are also the law! Everyone knows, however, the importance of taking a time out when the cookies slip off the baking sheet and someone’s arm gets burned when they are reaching into the oven is key, and the break rooms of our shared kitchens allow your employees to relax, watch a little TV, and drop the tension a level or two!

Be Mindful of the Space

Our shared kitchens for rent are spacious but there is a reason that the old phrase, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” became a thing! If too many people are in the kitchen at the same time, toes will get stepped on, products will be dropped, and tempers will flare. Keeping a mindful eye on scheduling and space requirements will limit the issues!

Keep an Open Door Policy

Even though the only doors in our kitchens are the ones leading in and out, and of course in the bathrooms, it is important that your employees know that they can come to you at any time.

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