Top 5 Ways to Support Employee Teamwork in a Shared Kitchen

Top 5 Ways to Support Employee Teamwork in a Shared Kitchen

The bottom line to the continued success of your food-oriented business can be spelled out with the word “teamwork.” Chefs can sometimes be known as prima donnas (Not the ones who use a BLT Kitchens shared kitchen space, of course!) but without the team, your business is going to flop. This guide to all the ways you can support employee teamwork in a shared kitchen space will help keep you on that path to the top!

Create Team Goals

Maybe make a game out of completing tasks ahead of time, (in a safe manner) offering prizes (gift cards for coffee shops, restaurants, even Target) for meeting or exceeding the goals you created.

Team Outings

Team building exercises can be contrived and backfire, but sometimes the best way to create a cohesive work environment is with team outings. Plan a picnic in the park on a beautiful winter day, a bowling night out in the winter, and if you want to sneak a team building exercise in without being too obvious or lame, escape rooms are still a hot activity!

Earn Their Trust

Ok, this is a biggie. The business world, even in the food industry, can be cutthroat, and even though it may be tempting to back out of a promise you made when times were lean, it is important that you stand behind each sous chef, waiter, or baker’s assistant, even if means losing a potential job!

Become an Integral Part of the Team

You want your meal prep service, your catering company, your wedding cake bakery to be a success, and the first thing you will need to do is become an integral part of the team that is assisting you in this goal. Everyone has their assigned duties and responsibilities, yes, but when the chips are down, you must don the apron, grab the broom, and get down on your hands and knees to clean up that last batch of chicken dumplings that was sitting a little too close to the edge of the table and is now decorating the floor.

Believe in Your Team

You have impeccable taste, and you chose these wonderful people to be a part of their team, so when they say that the father of the bride was inappropriate or that the recipe you dreamed up in your sleep was not divine inspiration but a flat-out failure, BELIEVE THEM!

Become Part of Our shared kitchen space!

Time for a bonus tip on how to take your food industry business straight to the top! Ask for a tour of our shared kitchen space today and become a part of the BLT Kitchens team!

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