Catering in shared kitchens

Many of our customers have been feeding people their entire lives. As youngsters, they held tea parties for their stuffed animal friends complete with empty cups of tea and mud patty cookies, wearing brown paper bags as chef hats as they poured another cup of imagination. Once their parents allowed them access to the stove, they begin experimenting with recipes, learning the basics of cooking chemistry and how to make each dish prepared taste even better. If this was your life growing up, chances are you are considering your own catering business right about now but haven’t done much with the idea due to financial and spatial issues, and we at BLT Kitchens are here to help you move your business out of your dreams and into reality! We can help you succeed with our food truck commissary in Phoenix AZ.

What Does a Caterer Need

In addition to industrial appliances and an unlimited list of delicious foods just waiting to be prepared, a caterer needs room to spread out the professional space to meet with potential clients, allowing them to taste her wares as they explore the room in which those meals will be prepared. BLT Kitchens offers all of the above in our food truck commissary in Phoenix AZ, plus a long list of additional equipment that you may not have considered when planning on opening your own catering business. Offering tasting rooms where you can meet with clients, office spaces where caterers can deal with the less glamorous details including bills, business cards, and appointment setting. A private space for getting off your feet when you have spent too many hours creating fancy hors d’oeuvres, one where you can snack on your own cooking or the fast food burger you grabbed at the drive thru on your way into the kitchens. Storage spaces for your ingredients and refrigerated storage for the finished product are also a necessity in your life and peace of mind, knowing that you can work your day job from 8 to 5 and stop by the kitchen after the rest of your family members have already gone to bed and work on that new menu item that has been floating through your mind. 24/7 access and 24/7 video surveillance go hand in hand, ensuring that your late-night ventures are safe ones!

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