Guide to Designing a Commercial Kitchen

Guide to Designing a Commercial Kitchen

If you were to design your own commercial kitchen, how would it look? What kind of storage options would you fill it with, what kind of layout would you design to increase efficiency, and what extras would you add to the space? We all have our dreams in the beginning days, and today, we at BLT Kitchens would like to talk about what your dreams look like and how you can make them come true with this guide to designing a commercial kitchen.


Having enough storage space is often the biggest part of any dreams, and BLT Kitchens ensures that you have as much or as little as you need. Each package we feature offers a different storage rack quantity. The basic package provides one Storage Speed Rack, our starter package offers two Storage Speed Racks, and our premium package provides two Large Green Storage Racks to hold all the accoutrements for your cooking experiences!

Refrigeration Options

When you work at home, your refrigeration options are pretty limited, offering at most a large refrigerator/freezer and maybe a separate chest freezer hiding in your laundry room. In a commercial kitchen, however, you may dream of large walk-in coolers and freezers, ensuring you can keep your goods at the proper temperatures! And, of course, you know that part of the agreement you have with BLT Kitchens will include access to the walk-ins of your dreams.

Clean Up

The worst part of a food industry business is always the cleaning portion of your job, and although you will still have to clean up your cooking messes on your own, (or hire staff to do that) our professional cleaning staff ensures the premises are sparkling clean, sanitary, and will meet all the code requirements cities require of food industry businesses. No need to worry about sanitation when you choose our BLT Kitchens for your commercial space; we do the worrying and find the solutions for you!

Professional Space for Clients

Every business needs a space where they can confidently meet their clients and present their wares, and the food industry is definitely one where this is most important, so your dream kitchen may be more than a kitchen! Our tasting rooms give you the place to meet your clients and allow them to taste the magic in spaces that are clean, stylish, and designed to impress.

Every Dream Is Different

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