Top 5 Things to Know Before Designing a Commercial Kitchen

Top 5 Things to Know Before Designing a Commercial Kitchen

There are many ingredients to a successful food industry business, but at its core, the most important ingredient is the kitchen. There are many tools you can use in your business that could be substituted in some way. For example, you can stir with a large spoon if you don’t have a hand mixer, you can heat up your creations on the stove top if you didn’t have a microwave, but without a kitchen, your business will go nowhere! This guide to the top five things you should know before designing a commercial kitchen will give you the information you need to succeed, but remember: If you don’t have the money to build your own, BLT Kitchens has you covered!

Attention to Work Flow

The most important aspect of designing a commercial kitchen is the way the space flows. Nothing slows down your productivity more than having to duck under someone’s arm to stir your food or to have to “dance” with your workmates when you are both trying to go in the same direction. The best kitchen designs will offer a flow that could actually resemble a well-choreographed dance instead of a chaotic and hazardous slam dance in a mosh pit!

The Best Layout

Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few different commercial kitchen layouts, and although it may take a little bit of contemplation, we are sure you will find the one that suits your business to a tee. The assembly line, island, zoning, galley, open, and ergonomic are the six most popular layouts, with the island layout perhaps being the most popular.

The Menu Matters

Not every food industry business is the same, and the layout of the kitchen that works best for you may not be the best match for another business. Knowing your menu will help you design a space that flows smoothly, highlighting the appliances and tools you need most while relegating the less commonly used pieces to the background.

Choose Your Appliances

A baker has quiet different needs than a candy maker, and a food delivery service will differ from the needs of caterer. Once you figure out which pieces are most vital, you can portion out a larger portion of your budget for those pieces, and perhaps allocate less dollars to the less important tools. Check out the most important kitchen equipment you need to have in your commercial kitchen!

The Shared Commercial Kitchen

Let’s face it: Opening your own commercial kitchen can be a prohibitively expensive proposition, and although it is nice to dream about designing your own, you may not be quite ready to make that leap. You don’t have to settle for continuing to work in your own kitchen, however, as BLT Kitchens provides the opportunity to bring your business to the next level without draining your bank account! Offering a kitchen design that has been proven to be successful, all you will need to do is buy your ingredients, bring your knives, and get to work. Give us a call today and we can arrange a tour of our kitchen spaces!

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