Top 5 Ways to Maximize Productivity in a Shared Kitchen

Top 5 Ways to Maximize Productivity in a Shared Kitchen

Maximizing your productivity may be one of the most important ways of ensuring your business rises to the top but it can also be the most difficult things to do. Fortunately, we at BLT Kitchens have made success our hobby and we have put together this guide to maximizing productivity in a shared use kitchen, helping you succeed in ways you never dreamed possible!

A Place for Everything

And everything in its place! Eliminating multiple trips to the walk-in can be time saved for the more important things in business. Gather all the ingredients you need and set them up in the order you will be using them, almost in an assembly line procedure. Every chef should start out his or her time in the shared use kitchen by not just jumping into the cooking, but by calmly taking the time to assess the situation, prepare what is needed, and THEN start working!

Train Everyone to Take Your Spot

We like to think we are irreplaceable, but you saw something in the people you hired to help your business run smoothly, and if they know what to do in the occasional circumstances when you can’t be there, everyone will be happy. At the end of the day, it is your client’s satisfaction that matters, and training your staff to take your place will ensure that the wedding catering job you took will still go smoothly even if something comes up and you can’t be there yourself!

Clean as You Go

Yes, you have heard this before in our cleaning discussion, but it is also important in maximizing productivity and the concept is simple. Clean as you go and avoid having to waste time on cleaning at the end of your shared use kitchen session!

Keep Your Equipment in Tip Top Shape

The good news about this tip is the realization that most of the burdens will be on us! We maintain the equipment you will be using, ensuring that when you step up to the stove, (emergencies aside) all the burners will be working and when your cake is done baking, half won’t be burnt while the other half is still raw. You will, however, need to keep your knives clean and sharpened and ready to be used; the knives used by chefs are personal and important to their creativity and success.

Ask Your Team for Suggestions

You have so much on your mind and your staff is much closer to the nitty gritty of food prep, and it is quite likely they may have some ideas that can help increase productivity and reduce waste of time.

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