Top 5 Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier in a Shared Kitchen

Top 5 Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier in a Shared Kitchen

There are many reasons why using a shared kitchen rental makes sense, but there can also be a few reasons that you are still considering making that transition from running your business out of your home to moving to the next step of making your food industry business the success it was always meant to be. The shared kitchen experience is a beautiful idea that will work all that much better for you when you follow our BLT Kitchens top five tricks to make life easier in a shared kitchen rental.


We will talk about the organization in more detail later, but trust us, your time in the shared kitchen rental is limited, and you don’t want to waste minutes searching for the spices that are necessary for your signature dish’s flavor! If organization isn’t your strong point, take a look around at the other chefs and bakers sharing the kitchen and pick up a few tips from them, or read our tips for better storage organization!

Keep Your Shared Kitchen Rental Clean

Unlike your kitchen at home, this space is shared with many others, and it is important to clean up at the end of your time. Put the items that you keep on the storage racks away and clean off the tables, stoves, and ovens; we do clean daily, but every little bit helps the people who are coming in behind you.

Be Mindful

We all like to get away from the stresses and annoyances at home, but if you use the commissary kitchen rental for socialization, you could be taking up time needed by others. Socialization is important and getting to know other chefs and bakers could provide some great networking abilities, but just be sure that you are mindful of others who may be preparing for a large and exciting event!

Plan Ahead

The difference between a commissary kitchen rental and one that you own 100% is having to be more efficient in your business. You can’t just leave a meal half cooked, a cake half decorated, and all your supplies strewn about when the mood strikes. But if you plan ahead, in most cases, this won’t be an issue. You know how long it takes to bake and decorate that wedding cake, so plan it into your schedule, turn your phone off, and get to work! Emergencies happen, but if you are organized, mindful, and tidy, cleaning up won’t be nearly as difficult when the unplanned for takes place!

Life Hacks That Really Work

And because the little details are important, but can be so very boring, these life hacks can help bring the fun and efficiency back to your shared kitchen experience! Placing cling wrap over surfaces leads to easy clean-up, placing a damp towel under your chopping board keeps it in place while you chop away, and using a cheese grater is a good way to soften your hard butter.

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