Top 5 Ways to Make More Space in Your Shared Kitchen

Top 5 Ways to Make More Space in Your Shared Kitchen

Even in a large space, you may find the need to eke out even more room, and when you choose to be a part of the BLT Kitchens family, we can help you find al the ways to make more space! We consider it our job to help you out in all aspects of sharing kitchens, and with a little research we came up with these top five ways to make more space in the shared kitchen, ensuring that even your biggest jobs are easily handled with a shared kitchen in Mesa.

Using the Walls

You may have noticed in your own kitchen at home that your countertops are often cluttered with the essentials for cooking, including small appliances, knife blocks, and utensil holders. This can happen in a shared kitchen as well, and one of our biggest tips is to add magnets to the wall. Sharp knives, ladles, and spatulas can hang from these strips of magnets, ensuring they aren’t taking up counter space and yet they will always be at hand when needed.

Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-out shelves can be easily attached to the tables and existing shelving systems provided in your shared kitchen, giving you even more room for creating your culinary masterpieces. Removable so you can bring them home every night, these pull-out shelves can definitely help free up some extra space in the kitchen.

A Place for Everything

It’s true, you won’t be able to leave most of your stuff behind in your shared kitchen space, except for what can fit on the storage shelves that are included in the package you pay for monthly. This makes having a place for everything important, including storage boxes that take up very little space, can be stacked on top of each other, and easily carried home with you. Purchase narrow boxes that fit between the tables and easily accessible storage options that will fit on the bottom shelf of the same tables. Get more storage tips here!

Designate a Spot for Each Staff Member

Although this doesn’t exactly create more space, it does help keep the staff from running over each other when working! Assign one staff member range duty, another prep, and still another can be working in the office spaces, sending out marketing emails to potential clients. Maximize productivity the right way with BLT Kitchens! Alternating break times for your staff and yourself can also help keep the floor space open, allowing for smoother prep times before the big event.

A Shared Kitchen in Mesa That’s Better Than Your Home Kitchen

This fifth tip is more of a reminder that simply by renting out shared kitchen space with BLT Kitchens gives you much more space than you have at home! Allowing you to share the space with employees is a benefit your home kitchen cannot provide, and having the room to spread out all your tools needed for making that artistic wedding cake is destined to be a boon for your business. Give us a call today and find the package that works best for you!

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