Mesa Commissary Kitchen Services

Mesa Commissary Kitchen Services

What do you do when your dreams about starting your own business in the food service industry seem impractical and expensive? You have spent the last however many years baking masterpiece cakes in your own home kitchen, creating catering meals, and developing meal prep dishes that are healthy and delicious, and the time has come to decide. Do you continue with the status quo, working days at a job that doesn’t fulfill you but pays the bills and nights dealing with cramped spaces that don’t have the professional equipment you need? Or do you give up your dreams because you know you can’t afford a brick and mortar building and all the startup costs that go along with building a new business? We at BLT Kitchens have come up with a third possibility and although it isn’t quite a new idea, it is the latest obsession hitting the food industry. We are, of course, talking about Mesa commissary kitchen services, and our Mesa location is open and ready to help you make your new business a success!

What Are Commissary Kitchen Services?

Aside from your fears of failing, what is the number one reason you haven’t been able to realize your dream about opening your own restaurant, food prep service, or wedding cake shop? For most of the world, the cost of startup is the number one reason many businesses don’t ever get their day in the sun, and a commissary kitchen is the solution to making your business dreams come true. Basically, the chef rents out a space that is equipped with all the professional equipment needed for their chosen profession; dishwashers, refrigeration systems, ovens, stoves, and even icemakers can be included in the space you rent. BLT Kitchens has been in the food industry for a very long time, and we know what chefs need when starting out and we provide it. It’s a simple solution, one that has been around for a while, but with the advent of the pandemic and the growing popularity in food app delivery services, commissary kitchen services are the way of the future, even after the pandemic is no longer in the picture!

What to Expect from BLT Kitchens

Space is the first thing that will make you excited, especially after spending far too many nights bumping your shins on an open dishwasher door and burning your backside while leaning against the stove that really needs more burners and area! 14,000 square feet of thoroughly modern kitchen equipment is at your service in a space that also offers a large amount of prep tables. When you and your staff need a break, our break rooms provide a comfy place to enjoy a midday snack, get off your feet, and maybe watch a few minutes of your favorite daytime television! Of course, 24/7 access means that your midday break may take place in the wee hours of the morning, but that’s ok too; our building is safe, secure, and offers 24/7 video surveillance so that you and your staff are always safe, no matter what time the clock is showing. Wi-Fi and office space allows you to attend to the business part of your dream, taking phone calls, answering emails, and paying the bills that are so much lower since you decided to make the switch to our Mesa commissary kitchen services!

3 Easy Packages

Simple is a luxury you can afford when you choose to make use of our Mesa commissary kitchen services, coming in three simple packages. The Basic Package helps you keep initial costs even lower as you enjoy many of the same amenities the other two packages offer, including one storage speed rack, trash services, and gray water dump. The second package, the Starter, costs a little more, but gives the chef more amenities, including two storage speed racks, 20 hours of Kitchen Production Time, and access to the Tasting Room. (Popular with bakers trying to impress new clients about the tastiness of their wedding cakes!) And package three, the Premium, offers pretty much the same number of amenities as the Starter, only it doubles the Kitchen Production Time to 40 hours!

Other Benefits to Our Mesa Commissary Kitchen Services

Location matters, and because our Mesa commissary kitchen is located just two minutes away from the freeway, deliveries can be speedy, and your commute time will be short. Our deep cleaning services guarantee that you will always be working in a space that is spotless and sanitary. (At least at first; we can’t guarantee you won’t make any messes while you are going about your business of making your dreams come true!) Commissary kitchen services will push your business into the next level of success, and we at BLT Kitchens are excited to be the driving force behind so many food service startups. Fill out the form for a free tour today, or contact us today!

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