Chandler Ghost Kitchen Services

Chandler Ghost Kitchen Services

It’s probably not something we need to tell you, but Chandler has been acknowledged as the 7th hardest working city in the entire country, and if you are one of those hard workers, we would like to congratulate you on your initiative and determination. It is no easy chore to get up at the crack of dawn every day of the work week, and for those in the food industry, it can be even tougher—especially for those burgeoning entrepreneurs who are trying to start their own catering services, sell their baked goods, or are trying to get in on the ground floor of delivery app services! These stalwart souls are generally working two jobs, one that pays the bills and one that frees their souls, and if this describes you, we at BLT Kitchens have the perfect opportunity for you to expand your Chandler business. We offer a way to get your home-grown business out of your own kitchen and into one of our professionally equipped spaces, providing the next logical step in your quest for success in the food industry. Take a look at our Chandler ghost kitchen services below!

What Is a Ghost Kitchen?

Also called a cloud kitchen or a commissary kitchen, no one really knows when the concept of ghost kitchens originated, but we do know that during the pandemic, interest in its benefits grew exponentially, and there seems to be no end in sight in its success. The ghost kitchen is traditionally a space filled with commercial equipment, including dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens, and tables for food prep that clients rent for a few hours a day. In the food business, this helps start-ups get out of their house and allows owners to separate home from work without having all the expenses involved with building or buying their own brick and mortar business. BLT Kitchens combines all of the above in 14,000 square feet of space and includes office areas, a tasting room, and places for hardworking Chandler business owners to sit back and relax in between prepping for meals. We also offer a loading dock for deliveries to their own customers or for much needed supplies to be dropped off for your use.

Why Use a Ghost Kitchen?

This question is an easy one to answer as you consider the costs of setting up your own professional kitchen as compared to the flexibility of using our ghost kitchen. You may be doing well enough to afford a small business of your own, but the scope of our kitchens is more than likely beyond your reach in affordability! We like to think we are the perfect option for those who are ready to move their business out of their home kitchens but aren’t quite ready for the expense of a new building. Offering three different packages that cost a little more with each jump to the next level—the Basic, the Starter, and the Premium—and also offer more amenities, it’s easy to move to the next step in your business. And because dreamers and hard workers work on their own calendar, 24/7 access is available in each package, allowing chefs to continue to work their day jobs and come in at night to live out their dreams, exemplifying the concept of Chandler being the 7th hardest working city in the US.

Other Advantages to the Chandler Ghost Kitchen

When your business needs an address for mail, BLT Chandler Ghost Kitchens give you one, and when you are craving a space that is clean and sanitary, there is no place cleaner. We provide deep cleaning services on the regular, ensuring you are going to come in to a space that is spotless and ready to be used every time. For those late-night hard workers, our building is safe and secure and features 24/7 video surveillance. And because it’s the small details that can actually end up costing you more, each BLT Kitchens space provides use of towels, aprons, and over 100 smallwares that you would have to purchase yourself if you owned your own brick and mortar business! Store your equipment, your refrigerated goods, and all that needs to be frozen so that it is easy to access and you don’t need to truck it back and forth between home and work. And speaking of easy to access, both of our locations are located just off the freeway, so even if you aren’t really close to either of our BLT Kitchens, you are still close! Utilities are included in your rental fees, as is trash pickup, cleaning supplies, and grease removal; in fact, pretty much everything you need minus the knives that are uniquely yours and the foodstuffs required for each dish is provided for your convenience!

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