Shared Kitchen Space in Mesa

Shared Kitchen Space in Mesa

Every big dream starts small and then, with a lot of work, time, and effort, it can grow to be a dream come true. Just think about it. It wasn’t that long ago you started a meal plan for yourself, spending your weekdays researching healthy meals and your Sunday afternoons puttering around your small condo kitchen, preparing healthy meals that taste great. And then one day an office mate, after weeks of the delicious scent of your meals wafting throughout your office space, offered to pay you to do the same for him. And then another followed suit, as did friends of friends, family members, and even the parents of your kids’ friends, and your dreams began to grow larger and larger, until you found yourself where you are today, making the next logical step in your big dream, moving on to start your own healthy meal prep company and forever leaving the 9 to 5 world filled with petty co-workers and visionless bosses. Your condo kitchen, however, is no longer big enough to meet your orders and you aren’t quite ready to move your business into its own building, but that doesn’t mean you are stuck. In fact, that just means that now is the perfect time to start considering a Che’fs Shared Kitchen in Mesa, a solution that will bring your budding business to the next level, and BLT Kitchens is the first step in the right direction, especially if your budding business is expanding in the city of Mesa; we have a brand new Shared Kitchen Space in Mesa!

What Is a Shared Kitchen Space?

If your dream of owning your own food business is one that is more organic, such as in the scenario we posted above, you may not have heard of a Shared Kitchen Space before and could be wondering how it could help. Technically speaking, a Shared Kitchen Space is a space stocked with the basic industrial equipment budding chefs need to own a restaurant, catering service, or meal prep company, including professional grade stoves and ovens, tables for preparing meals, and of course, the space in which to move around freely. There are no tables for guests, and the name of your company will not appear on any neon sign attached to the building, but in our BLT Kitchens spaces there are comfortable spots for employees to sit and watch television for a few minutes, tables at which they can grab a bite to eat, even spaces to set up your laptop and watch the orders come pouring in. In our minds, a Shared Kitchen Space is more than just a large space to rent in between the different phases of business ownership; it is the next logical step towards making your food related dreams come true!

All the Reasons

Now that you are beginning to understand the concept of a ghost kitchen, you may still be unsure if you qualify or are ready for the next step, but let us assure you, we think now is the perfect time to bring your business to the next level. Chefs and bakers of all types love the concept of Shared Kitchen Space, especially as it helps bring a separation from home life and work life that can save your sanity, something all pandemic telecommuters are beginning to realize after two years of being at home 24/7. Food related businesses of all types can grow into the healthy next step of personal ownership, or you, as the business owner, can decide that this rented kitchen is all you need. The bakery part allows bakers to build their dreams one wedding cake at a time, and our shipping and loading docks allow easy delivery of necessary food ingredients. Caterers, bakers, food prep services, and the latest food business that has exploded on to the scene due to the pandemic, meal delivery services that use popular delivery apps, (You know, the ones you have been using to get your own meals at home when all the restaurants were closing?) are all taking advantage of our ghost kitchens, and you can too!

What Does Your BLT Shared Kitchen Space Provide?

In addition to offering over 14,000 square feet of space, state-of-the-art equipment that includes two cooking lines, four walk-in refrigerators and freezers, commercial dishwasher, and 20 prep tables, our Shared Kitchen Space in Mesa AZ also offers reasonable and customized rates that allow you to keep the profits from your growing business in a safe and secured building that is located relatively near your Mesa home. Because dreamers don’t always follow the same time keeping rules, we can arrange 24/7 access that lets your creativity flow day and night. Three different rate packages allow chefs to pick and choose the amenities their businesses require most and even includes access to the tasting rooms, something caterers and cake bakers will most appreciate!

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